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First and Last post of November
Friday, November 22, 2013 | 3:31 PM | 0 comments

Bello~ Is November now! I'm also the 3rd year student now~
Long time didn't come back to blog... Now the blogging mood is coming!
Can't imagine that I came back to Labuan since September until now,
already pass half semester of 5th sem....Time flied~~~
Many assignment have to rush, midterm exam not yet finish, 
Well, busy is the best tool to pass the times in Labuan....
Besides of busy, playing around with friends also good to pass the times...

Actually nothing to say, just enjoy the life now..
Is STUDENT LIFE....because soon to intern, soon to graduate, soon to work...
Student life soon come to the end, so I need to appreciate the times with all besties in University....
As I have nothing to say, lets you all see the photos to understand more about my life...
Because this sem no more emo, is full of happiness~
Btw, I would like to thank my friends who gave me present from HongKong, Thailand....
Thanks a lot... Appreciate it^^
This year also celebrate meaningful Mid-Autumm Festival with besties and the other friends...
Last mid-autumm festival in university, I think I happy and enjoy it...
I hope we can celebrate X'mas eve, Christmas together too...

In front of DU with friends~

p/s: Will be back soon if got times~So stay tuned^^ 

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