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Count Down to back to Labuan
Friday, September 7, 2012 | 1:13 PM | 0 comments

Hello, everybody!! I come back to blog again....
Is September now, is a new month for the newbies to enter university~
Is a new journey for newbies to adventure, start the brand new life that we were experienced last year...
As a senior, I can said that is really tired to pass this MSM but is a good experience for those newbies,
it is only once in our life... So don't be so -tive thinking...
Is time for u guys to grow up and suit the strange environment...
Good luck to all new intake juniors and enjoy the brand new life in Sabah, 
welcome to Labuan^^

September also the month that I need go back to Labuan for next coming sem~~
2 days left to go... A bit worry, happy, nervous, pekchek...
Worry is because I just know I get hostel at beta9 and live with a senior,
Happy is because I can meet my bestie when reopen school,
Nervous is because I have to take flight alone from Penang to Labuan, 1st time transit...
Pekchek is because I din same room with Wan Jinn, so i have to buy own stuff like kettle and so on...
But those worry and pekchek ady settled by ourselves...
I get back my ex-roomate la~haha!! 
We can continue make noise~~ sorry for our new housemates~
So sad that we can't b housemates with Maha and Mardiah with last 2 sem~
Gonna miss them very much :D
Wish that I get can  nice housemates like them although we are different religion & race^^

Well, is time for me to prepare all the stuff back to Labuan,
I had shopping b4 and bought some new stuff like bag, shoes...
I need to buy some new clothes...
Is really spend a lot but I din have any income in this 2 months
felt so sorry to my papa and mama~~waste money only~ 
Well, I think I will be bring back a lot of stuff, 
will my luggage overweight? Hope it won't be happen^^
And this Sunday I gonna take flight lonely for the 1st time!!
I wanna say: I abit scare and worry~ Take wrong flight....
Hope all of this bad things won't happen onto me!! hehehehe~~ 
Wish myself luck....somemore I will be miss my 1st class on Monday~
Coz I only back on that day.... haha!! 1st time back so late....
so i gonna enjoy this 2days with my family...
Eat more, play more, sleep more, chat more~~
If not, need wait until next year only can back to Penang...
I don't want to back, can?? hehehehe~~

okla...the mood to blog suddenly gone..
so I stop here...
Stay stuned for the next post~~
 That time I will blog when I back to Labuan^^

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