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CNY is around the corner
Wednesday, February 6, 2013 | 4:41 PM | 0 comments

Woohoo....Finish my 3rd sem, 1st Sem of Year 2^^
The times pass really fast, is 2013 now!
And I'm back to my lovely Penang and hometown on 15/1!!
My 1st time transit by MAS flight! so i can reached Penang more earlier than AA....
Once reached Penang, is times to shopping~~
Shopping for buying new clothes, and the things for celebration CNY with dear family^^
And help family to clean the house together, and celebration of my bro birthday~~
A lots to do before CNY!

OK, now lets talk my life during exam periods,
My 1st time didn't sleep because of exam,
I felt my exam result will be worse this sem,
I really can't focus what I am studying....
My last paper was Japanese Language,
quite ok for me without study too hard~
so quite relaxed for the last exam paper^^
We were planning before to hang out last night before we back hometown on next day....
So was the times for us to shopping for chocolates and alcohols and souvenirs after Japanese paper....
A lots to buy~~ busy walk here, walk there.....
Just skipped the part of shopping, because is busy shopping, no photos and nothing to talk :p

After long times shopping, we were super duper hungry leh...
so planned to eat buffet as our rewards for study hard for final exam and celebration as we were free!
Also talked & chit-chat a lot, eat a lot, laughed a lot, played a lot, took photos a lot....
I think we were very noisy in the restaurant, but it was very fun with my BFF....
And it was so fun to 6 people to squeeze in a car....Jokes around, I love the moments^^
We also went to famous pub in Labuan to drink, and dance~
I think that moment I must be drunk, so I had courage to dance with strangers...hahahaha!!
Also the times for photo shooting, non-stop photo shooting with buddies as memories :D
Still go to McD, can try our best to hide all those alcohols, cause scare of guard to check....
Is really fun and crazy night with BFF, I Miss the times....
Also slept very late because need to pack my luggage to bring back Penang....
Is best that can sleep on the airplane^^ I also bring back my Riri back to meet Bibi :D
Fine, is hard to imagine through words, so I better put photos to show~
Take a look^^

6 ppl in the photos...
We were very high and play around, so crazy us :D

Drink and chit chat at pub~~ 

Buffet :D

So nice...I get my JLPT N5 result le...PASS!!!
Unfortunately, I deleted my e-mail and thrown away my paper of registration number..
Luckily Elynn was behind my number, 
so I just refer to her and get back the registration number, 
if not, really need wait for the result send to my house only I can know....
Thanks~ Domo arigatoo....hehehe :D
This was my result^^ totally happy to see this, 
because worried a lot when sat for the exam, 
because I didn't go to the intensive class, miss the whole week class,
but luckily I can chase their level^^
But so sad with my listening part, I tot must be was higher than this~~
By the way, is satisfied and happy to get this result of ear 2013!!!

116~~~ PASS!!

My brother celebrated his 20 years old birthday on 1/2....
He was growing up and I was growing old le...
Due to my daddy and sister not at home, so nothing much celebration,
Just go out eat and eat cake at home~~
And took some photos with family ma~hahaha!
And my mom bought a dream phone of my brother to give him as present...
I want too~~ hehehe!!
Okla, is photos time^^
Lets see.....
Happy Birthday, dear brother...

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus... Provided me play Temple Run 2^^

I not yet meet up with my friends of Penang....
Just wait for the CNY coming, and meet them 1 gang by 1 gang~~
Is really hard to set up a times that suit everyone
but still hope can be all attend to meet~~
I miss my friends so much, Penang's friends or Labuan's friends~~
Hope everyone enjoy their CNY....
I wish my family can buy a new car after this CNY o....
then when I back from Labuan on June, then can drive new car...
And I also wish I pass all the subjects when the result is released~~
Not require to be high CGPA, bt at least no need retake those suck subjects~~~
Popi popi o.....

And is time to say bye bye~
Long post for me....
Quite long times no update...
Don't know how to blog pun...haha!!
It was part of my life, I enjoy my life with my family in Penang....
I miss my home very much^^
Is times to stop already^^
See u guys in the next post!!
Stay tuned :)

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