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My Semester 3 In Labuan
Sunday, November 25, 2012 | 11:46 PM | 0 comments

Is 25th of November, also last day of Japanese intensive class...
Just left 1 week to go to Kota Kinabalu to sit for JLPT exam, 
is quite nervous and excited...
I will study hard to aim to pass this JLPT exam!!!!
Before I said want to blog when I back to Labuan from Penang,
but I totally have no times and no mood to do so~~
So now I finally got some times and mood to come back for blogging^^

Actually nothing to blog about my recently life...
It's just a simple life here~
Mixed with my friends & coursemates, hang out to town when free...
Busy with Japanese intensive class for 5 hours on Saturday,
although I have no midterm break like other students,
but I want to say that I learnt many things from the JLPT class,
although was very tired but sometimes we had went to eat buffet to reward ourselves~
University life is busy with a lot of assignments & exams~~
A lot of things that I need to do and learn in this semester,
but I have +tive thinking that it is useful for future....
I also had joined some Marketing event~ Was tiring but is a good experience for me~
And I want to say that is my 2 housemates also ex-Jitsinese...
Hahaha~~so funny... My roommate want dizzy because full of Penang lang in the hostel :p
Talked back a lot of memories of the years in Jit Sin made me miss the life in Jit Sin very much~
And my Sony Ericsson phone finally is dead, and thanks to Elynn who borrowed her phone to me....
I think I just buy a new phone when back to Penang T.T

En en... Due to is midnight now, I just post the photos to show my life in UMSKAL...

This are all my life in Labuan~
My life wasn't boring because I have those friends...
Is fun and interesting~~
I like all of them and my life pretty much..
but I also miss Penang and my family and my friends~
2 more months to go...then I will be back to hometown~
Now I need to study smart and study hard...
Final exam is around the corner :(
Well, is time to sleep lo...
Gonna stop here~ Bye and Good night^^

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