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My life during Dec &Jan
Friday, January 11, 2013 | 9:44 PM | 0 comments

Is Jan 2013 now! A brand new year....
But also my suffer January because need to sit for final exam
Really pity, because my mind keep flown away
I can't even memorize any subjects for exam
Must be very worst result that I will get since Sem 1...
but I need to prepare well to get the worst result,
even need to retake some subject....
but also my happy January because after exam I can back to my hometown^^
Nothing to talk about my life of 2013, 
because only pass for exam, and not fun at all :(

Well, lets see my life end of 2012...
2012 was predicted as the end of the world...
Luckily nothing happened...
Everyone is safe, and the 2012 also pass with happiness :D
I wish I have more times with my family,
I don't want stay at Sabah when end of world~
but this 2012 is quite meaningful~
Busy with assignment, social, event, 
and scare of end of the world? hehehehehe :p
Although this sem I quite emo compared to last sem
but still glad to have my friends to stand besides me,
made fun, made laugh~~
And this year new some new friends from other courses
or getting closer with some friends,
and some cute cute juniors, 
Emm, my writing skill is not so good to write about my life
so lets the photos show to u all...

                    I took JLPT N5 at KK campus without attend intensive class, wish I pass and get the cert^^

First time Sushi Tei at KK...so expensive leh~

We are same horoscope^^

we are "couple"....

Shopping day in KK :D

Labuan go around^^

Crazy shooting in KK^^

Visit temple....

Having our lunch at Hote Pulau Labuan 1^^

Self snapping...succeed :D

Happy like a child...

Presenting of BC...

After presentation^^

Happy Birthday Wendan, my dear China's friends....

Happy 5 of us^^

X'mas present from MeiSyuen, Yin yin, Elynn and Katty~

X'mas present from Elynn and Wendy~

X'mas card from Elynn^^

I want to say sorry to my dear friends, 
maybe sometimes I quite emo,
and don't want to bother u all...
but is just a periods, and hope u guys understand~
U all still my best best friends in UMSKAL....
Thanks bring me a lot of happiness...
and all the X'mas gifts, I really appreciate it <3 
And i like u all~~ 
So touch u all remember what I like since we just know 2 years....
and 花心思on my present like handmade card^^
Is my pleasure to have u all as my best friends here :D
Love u all o~~

Is gonna stop here...
I waiting for the end of final exam
and back to my lovely hometown...
I miss my family, friends and my bear bear~~
Penang, wait me!!!!!

p/s: .對于我們的眼睛,不是缺少美,而是缺少發現

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