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The End of Semester 4
Sunday, August 4, 2013 | 6:43 PM | 0 comments

Hello~ Welcome August :D
Please be kind to me, and I will enjoy this holidays until the end^^
Well, July also a good month to me
This is because I knew my final exam result,
it is a good result which out of my expectation, I thought must be very worst result
But luckily, thanks GOD who popi me~~~~
And welcome all the new intake juniors to join UMSKAL~~
I will be 3rd year senior soon...
I'm happy to graduate soon, but also scare for my future too...
Well, I'm gonna enjoy my last year of study life from now on :D

We talk about my university sem 4 first^^
It was a great semester...
I join more friends and more active to social with different of friends^^
And happy to have the event of APK,
We work hard, we cooperate, we share happiness and tough time together with my partners
We need to manage our own business, made strategic plans, compete with competitors to earn money
such a great experience that I had in university...
Some subjects also have to work assignment in a group with other people which not same gang
but luckily still can work with happiness, no awkward, and know more with each others
Although sometimes was unhappy, but we still can overcame it^^
I'm glad to have a same roommate for my whole second year study life...
I think we were match, so we were close...
Cook, study, online, eat, joke, play, talk, watch movie, sleep, clean house together
We were get used to live together, hope to live again in new sem^^
And I was jogging with my friends to keep fit, have healthy body~~
And went for a trip together although just few days with less expenses^^
I'm glad to have them as part of my life <3

Ok, is hard to describe all the things happened during sem 4,
so better know more with see the photos :D

Kundasang trip is too many photos... Lazy upload, but upload a bit
but is my great trip with bestie in uni^^
Hope can go for a trip again :D

That's all for my semester 4 study life~
Full of fun and buddies besides me~~
Full of happiness and glad to know some China best friends too~
Thanks for their present from China...
Feel great to have good lecturers help us a lot in exam~
Well, is times to stop...
Lazy blog~~ long times only blog once^^
But soon to blog again abt my sem break la!!!!!!
Seen u guys soon :p

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