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August~ Time Flied
Sunday, August 11, 2013 | 7:01 PM | 0 comments

Is me again... I'm back to blog again^^
My friends quit blogging but I still continue since I want share a lot of things about myself...
And blogging can keep those memories as my part of my life,
I can refresh back one day when I'm getting older....
Well, now is the times of sem break, I'm having my holidays^^
But... I do nothing at home or just simple meet up with my friends...
Since I know to drive, I start to miss those times I sat people's car
this is because driving was tiring and danger, since my driving skill still not very well~~
And before my friends be my driver but now I'm the driver... sienzzz~~~
Came back from Labuan, and driving non-stop, fetch family, fetch buddies~~

The best present since I back from Labuan---is I get the cert from JLPT, I waiting for so long times....
I passed the exam, and I finally finished my 3 semester Japanese Language course,
but I think I will forget my Japanese since I didn't use it after finish the course,
what a wasted, suddenly I felt regret that didn't took the JLPT N4...
If I got take the N4, I can continue to learn Japanese & can use in my future job :(
Btw, glad to take JLPT N5 with besties and finally passed^^
I also pass my 22th birthday with my family, but didn't took photos like last year^^
And I went for scaling & restoration on my birthday,
it was "great" gift for myself on my birthday T.T
And i waste a lot of money since I back from Labuan...
I went for a hairdo to curl my hair and dyed hair, my hair getting damaged T.T
RM450++ for dentist and hairstylist :(
My money gone since I back!!!!!

Is look short? and the color is so fake coz my real hair color wasn't purple~~

This holidays keep meetup with friends who came back from Australia, India,
or different colleges, different local universities..
Chatting about their life and joke around, is fun for me too if just sit and chat....
I think I'm really getting older, now I have no mood to play around
or just felt tired easily even just hang out whole day compare to before....
but I should enjoy my single life until max now~~
Btw, thanks Shao Kang for the souvenir from Korea^^
Thanks my roommate-Wanjinn for the birthday present from Johor^^
And thanks my dear brother-Qj bought me hard disk^^

Oppppsss...suddenly I lost the mood to blog, become lazy worm~~
So..... is better for me to post photos la...just few photos to show off my holidays...lol
but actually is nothing to show off~ Simple meetup and presents from besties :D
Check it out!

Nail cutter from Korea..Thanks ShaoKang :D

 Hello Kitty from Singapore..Thanks Wan Jinn :D

My JLPT N5 cert^^

My 1tb hard disk from my brother QJ Lee :D

And I went for St.Anne with my dear family for a visit after 3 years I had been go before~~
Just took some views from outside and inside~

Finish blogging... Stay tuned for the next new post :D
Finally got some outcome in this sem break for my blog^^

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